May 9, 2018  /  Premium Leisure

Location: Oxfordshire, UK

FFO: Tame Impala, Teleman, White Denim

Record Label: Beanie Tapes

Wait, where did this come from? 60’s psychedelia is back, and Premium Leisure are leading the charge on their latest single ‘Water Pistol’. Listening to ‘Water Pistol’ is akin to being transported back to the 1967’s Summer Of Love. Somehow, this track has been released in 2018. Premium Leisure is a band fronted by Chris Barker, who leads on song-writing duties, producing and engineering. ‘Water Pistol’ has the same silky guitars, crisp rhythms and smooth falsettos of the best of psychedelic rock. Though the obvious comparisons to Kevin Parker of Tame Impala might be made, Chris Barker and Premium Leisure leave their own distinct mark on the genre.

It seems that only in Chris Barker’s hands would this sound work. Many other present-day bands have tried and failed to recreate this oft sought after sound, yet Barker and his band have hit the nail on the head perfectly. Being on producing and engineering duties is key for this sound, as Barker himself is obsessed with the vintage equipment of the 60’s, and utilising analogue recording.

‘Water Pistol’ acts as the lead single for the band’s upcoming second EP, ‘Plug The Leads In’, and it wouldn’t be this band if this release was not harking back to yesteryear. Releasing in cassette format on the cassette only Oxford based label Beanie Tapes, Premium Leisure are flying the flag for psychedelia in the UK.

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