May 8, 2019  /  WASI

Location: Los Angeles, United States

FFO: Sunflower Bean, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, CSS

Label: Unsigned

City of stars electro-indie-pop band Wasi return with the release of their latest single ‘What is Riot Pop’, redefining their sound as we know it as they add fuel to this generations inner chaos.

Entering with signature rhythms of guitar and bass, Wasi make an electrifying return as ‘What is Riot Pop’ kicks in after a highly anticipating intro. Harmoniously mixing their vocals, the band have truly found their anthemic niche as they soar experimentally.

Speaking on the newest release, Wasi explain, “This single is about the dichotomy of being present for the chaotic world we live in until the chaos takes over your soul. The lyrics capture a moment where you find some kind of serenity in a life that is so unstable.”