October 23, 2017  /  Wait. Think. Fast.

Location: USA 

FFO: The World Record, One Silver Astronaut

Label: Unsigned


Formed in 2007, Wait. Think. Fast. is the product of American producer and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Beighley and his wife, Jacqueline Santillan Beighley, an Argentinean-born singer and pianist. 10 years down the line, the contrasting birth of their daughter and death of Jacqueline’s father brought to life their latest album Dale Tiempo which includes the expertly crafted opening track ‘Count No Count’.

Her father is a central figure throughout the album and Jacqueline states on Wait. Think. Fast.’s website: “The line ‘I want to be carried along’ first appears in the opening track ‘Count No Count’ as a longing for direction and peace.” The caveman-like primordial drumming which opens the track effortlessly flows into beautifully expressive melodies, warranting an eerie connection to the Beighley’s experiences.