January 1, 1970

Location: London, UK

FFO: slenderbodies, Goldwash

Label: Unsigned

London duo Two Another just dropped 70s inflected pop banger ‘Hoping You Changed’. The track begins familiarly enough, but the stripped back pop lyric is soon supported by a fat, disco bass. Recalling the likes of Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye the sounds of seventies swing under the verse and add to the seduction of the lyrics. Horns are added to the mix before a chorus provides a lift, but on the whole, the track is rather subdued and the duo’s vocal talent is never obscured. Two Another are creative, clever and confident enough to incorporate funk sounds without being swamped by the big hair and wide trousers of the style.

Two Another are playing at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on 28th February, tickets available here.