March 18, 2019  /  Nadia Rose

Location: UK

Label: Relentless

FFO: Rihanna, Stormzy, RAY BLK, Little Simz

Former writer for and now best mates with Rihanna, cousin of Stormzy and having just been on tour with The Black Eyed Peas, Nadia Rose is certainly in an enviable position. But, after a quick listen to her music and it’s instantly clear that she doesn’t need the high profile connections to prove herself.

Coined as ‘a defiant, fresh statement of intent for the British hip-hop artist’, we can’t help but agree. Speaking on the track Nadia had this to say: “When I’m creating, I don’t like things to infiltrate that. One phone call can change my train of thought. So yeah, I tend to go on airplane mode. I also have been taking a lot of flights, because of the bookings, so there was that. And I’m also very into aviation, as I want to be a pilot. So… there was a few reasons why this song was a thing for me, but yeah, the main thing was just, I’m taking off, get out of my way. Like I said, that’s how I want people to feel: this is my thing, and this is how I’m doing it. That’s simply all it is. I’m taking off, you’re either on board, or get out. I think that’s a great motto to live by.”