December 6, 2017  /  Tommy Ashby

Location: Innerleithen, Scotland

FFO: Nina Nesbitt, Sam Fender

Label: Wow & Flutter Records

Reflecting the authentic and raw sound of Tommy Ashby‘s new release, ‘Guilty’, is the video, set in an empty, cold warehouse with Tommy himself surrounded by instruments, playing all the individual parts to the track. Embracing the folk and desert-blues of his musical roots, this track has a foot-tapping, rolling rhythm that is peppered with guitar licks. The stand-out feature of the record is most certainly the raw vocals of Ashby himself, which are brilliantly brooding and dramatic. Ashby is most certainly an artist to look out for after this assured and considered release.

Speaking about the video’s concept, Tommy shares: “I wrote and recorded guilty in my bedroom, just scampering around playing the various instruments that were lying around. The percussion was a combination of lots of claps and stomps along with conventional drums. I wanted the video to convey some of that raw creative feel, to give an indication of how the song was conceived”.