June 13, 2019  /  Toby Johnson

Location: London

Label: Mahogany Recordings

FFO: George Ezra, Isaac Gracie, Newton Faulkner

We love a good debut single here, especially when it’s 100% absolutely stunning. Toby Johnson’s ‘Isla’ is exactly that.

This might be his debut single, but he’s already got quite the list of accomplishments under his belt. From performing alongside Lewis Watson, Isaac Gracie and Mahalia, those names should set you up well for what Toby’s all about.

‘Isla’ is said to be focussed completely from personal experience as Toby explains that “this a final goodbye to a relationship, it isn’t meant to be confrontational, but more of a celebration of that person I really needed at the time.”

So, all in all, a beautiful track with some very sad undertones. But, this we can definitely get behind.