November 30, 2017  /  THYLA

Location: Brighton

FFO: YONAKA, Dream Wife

Label: REX Records


As THYLA head closer to their final live shows of the year (2nd and 3rd December), they release ‘Tell Each Other Lies’, a soaring track straight from the 80’s bursting with euphoric energy, bound to send listeners into raptures. The lucky individuals attending the remaining live shows will most likely get the chance to bask in the four piece outfit’s latest piece of magnificence. Complete with wondrous Robert Smith-esque guitar riffs and ecstatic vocals, this Brighton based quartet are ones to watch in 2018.

Commenting on the track, the band say: “Tell Each Other Lies is about the fear of confrontation; pretending everything’s dandy and skipping through life suppressing how you really feel for the sake of an easy ride. It’s about putting up with your loved one’s worst traits because you love them and you know they’ll never change, and it’s about coming to the realisation you wouldn’t want them to anyway”.