May 9, 2018  /  The Vryll Society

Location: Liverpool, UK

FFO: INHEAVEN, Catholic Action, CAN

Record Label: Deltasonic Records

The Vryll Society consistently make some of the best psychedelic music to come out of the UK, and their latest single ‘Andrei Rublev’ is no exception. This latest single is built on hazy atmospheres and reverb-infused psychedelia. Named after the Russian painter of the same name and the classic Andrei Tarkovsky art-house film, The Vryll Society explore religion on this epic four minute track.

Taking a slow and more downcast approach in the first half of the song, the band evoke the sound of bands such as Beach House, a dream pop aesthetic that is couple with wandering guitar lines that pan left and right. This sound eventually evolves into a rousing guitar solo that bookends the second half of the track, with vocals that are perfectly serene and fit succinctly into a finely crafted piece of psychedelic rock music. The music video itself continues this psychedelia, a simple yet entrancing monochrome video, seeing the band walk through a park with warping effects placed throughout.  With their debut album on the way this summer, The Vryll Society are destined for a great 2018.