May 4, 2018  /  Heather Jayne

Location: Berkshire, UK

FFO: Banks, Tove Lo, VÉRITÉ

Label: Unsigned

Having released her debut solo effort ‘The Power’ at the beginning of the year, Berkshire’s Heather Jayne shared a string of singles: the powerful ‘Let Me In’ and more recently, ‘Better Than This,’ but her latest effort, ‘If The Stars Align’ flys her music to new soaring levels.

Revolving around the anxieties of a new love, ‘If The Stars Align’ showcases the dark electronic nuance that was first introduced on her debut, placing her striking vocal at the forefront of a soundscape brimming with wisftul piano melodies and haunting synth effects. It’s a piano ballad at heart, which allows for the artist to express her dark-pop subtleties whilst leaning to a more classic songwriting sensibility.

It’s fair to say the stars have certainly aligned with this captivating release.

“If The Stars Align tells the story of when you love someone, but timing, circumstances, and the fear of admitting your feelings and potentially losing that person, prevent you from taking that chance and being together.” explains Heather. “It focuses on one person telling the other how the feel, laying their cards on the table – asking one day, if the stars align, they could ever be together.”