October 10, 2017  /  The Soft White Sixties

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: Peace, Two Door Cinema Club

Label: Unsigned

Centred around the proposed rule that Donald Trump suggested building between the USA and Mexico, The Soft White Sixties take something topical and turn it into musical genius. Not wanting to be political, but demanding of themselves a certain amount of honesty and transparency, frontman Octavio Genera, a first generation Mexican-American, wrote what was on his mind: “If you build a wall / we’re going to tear it down / brick by brick.” 

“Our first night in the studio was Election Night, so naturally that environment crept onto this record,” Genera reflects. “It was hard not to take some offence to someone claiming that a wall and the people on the other side of that wall were the cause of so many problems. The song is my version of my grandparents coming here to better themselves and their children, and I’m thankful they did. I am here, and I am who I am because of it.”