October 4, 2017  /  The Shakers

Location: London

FFO: Kooks, The 1975

Label: Infinity Cactus Records

Funk grooves, flippant drums and falsetto vocals combine to make The Shakers’ new track a show stopping performance. With the guitars of both 1975 and The 1975 the track appears rooted in the past, but the Kooks-like lyrics give it a lift and prove that these are one of the bands of 2017. The past year has seen The Shakers on BBC Introducing shows, feature in an award winning Channel 4 TV show, be named “Best of British Unsigned” indie band of the month and play a handful of festivals, including Glastonbury. At a party, I wouldn’t recommend ‘White Leather’ to wear, but to queue on the playlist? That’s a different story.