May 14, 2018  /  Cautious Clay

Location: New York, USA

FFO: slenderbodies, NSTASIA, JOHN.k

Label: Unsigned

After the success of his stunning debut EP Blood Type, Cautious Clay is gearing up for the release of his follow-up EP, Resonance. In celebration of that fact, the R&B master has shared his latest single, ‘French Riviera.’

A choice look into the musical stylings of an artist who has revived and refreshed a genre, ‘French Riviera’ sets the bar high for the Cautious Clay wave that’s about to hit the world by storm. A refined cocktail of contemporary R&B, indie-rock and Jazz emanates from Clay’s latest work, showcasing both his sharp musical wit and poignant lyricism in what’s sure to be a “cult classic”. It’s a track you can unwind to after a hard day’s work, but also a track to get hyped for the weekend.