February 9, 2019  /  The Western Den

Location: Boston, United States

FFO: The Civil Wars, Honeysuckle

Label: Unsigned

Discovering eachother across oceans, The Western Den bring us their brand new single ‘Company’. A song detailing a coming-age-age, searching for purpose story, from their debut album ‘A Light Left On’.

Deni Hlavinka and Chris West found eachother on a college forum website submitting song ideas, Deni from Virginia and Chris from Bermuda, and eventually the future was made, creating a triangle of their own.

Pushing outside of the boundaries of traditional folk, The Western Den have created an iconic, unique and ethereal sound, using astonishingly stunning orchestrial waves and complex chords. The use of sweeping vocal harmonies is similar to that of The Civil Wars, but preverves them in their own identities that can be depicted as timeless.

The Western Den showcase a mature persuit of beauty that is all their own, yet capturing the soul-searching emotions that exist in us all, whether we share it or hide it from the world. In this case, this duo chose to share a world we can all get lost within. Their album ‘A Light Left On’ is now available on all platforms.