May 9, 2018  /  The Lovely Eggs

Location: Lancaster, UK

FFO: The Orielles, Sleater-Kinney, Field Music

Record Label: Unsigned

Distortion, lo-fi production; The Lovely Eggs are back. ‘Big Sea’ is the latest single from their fifth album, ‘This Is Eggland’. ‘Big Sea’ has the typical psychedelic tinged punk of most releases from The Lovely Eggs, but also has an arpeggio synth line that gives the track more fun and joy. The Lovely Eggs know how to keep things simple; Ross plays a guitar laden with distortion and provides vocals, while husband David Blackwell provides the pounding drums that form this fantastic punk band.

The video for ‘Big Sea’ gives a glimpse into the band’s live shows, and what a glimpse it is. These a live shows filled with raucous fun, guitar freak-outs and charisma. Guitar bands can feel sanitised in 2018, always looking for that clean sound and look. Not The Lovely Eggs; they are a band that revel in chaos.