April 16, 2018  /  The fin.

Location: Japan

FFO: Circa Waves, Last Shadow Puppets, MEW

Record Label: Hip Land Music

Yuto Uchino and his band The fin. have worked tirelessly over the last four years developing their sound. Touring and collaborating with the likes of Circa Waves, Petite Noir and Last Shadow Puppets, With their new album ‘There’ coming out on 8th June, new single ‘Shredding’ feels like the song ready for the release party. Combined with a psychedelic, neon music video, ‘Shredding’ is a stuttering, syncopated mover, dancing smoothly through its near four minute runtime. ‘I wrote the song last winter’ explains Uchino. ‘My life had changed so much at that point and I felt like a new part of me was getting bigger and bigger. So I had to change something in me, like shed my skin off. But the winter was too cold for me to try and shed it somehow’. With ‘Shredding’. The fin. almost definitely shred off that unwanted past, sashaying forward into a new era for the band. Comparable to the sadly missed Wild Beasts, this track fills the great need for more synth based indie dance music, leaving music drooling for that 8th June release date of their new album.