May 3, 2018  /  The fin.

Location: Japan

FFO: Circa Waves, Metronomy, mitsume

Record Label: HIP LAND MUSIC

The fin. master arena pop-rock on their latest single ‘Missing’, a fantastic song built on grooves and atmospheres that are perfect in delivering pure relaxed vibes. Where there previous single ‘Shredding’ was a song purpose built for dancing til 3am, ‘Missing’ sees the band make the perfect come down song, just in time for the dream-like state experienced coming back from that perfect night.

Like that perfect night, ‘Missing’ has a certain uncertainty to it that is perfect for keeping the listener on their toes. For main songwriter Yuto Uchino, this was very much intentional. ‘When I was a teenager, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or what I wanted to be. I was trying to forget the problem by concentrating on something. For me, it was playing guitar. I made this guitar riff first, and it has the vibes of the uncertainty that I used to have’.

‘Missing’ is the latest single from The fin.’s upcoming debut album ‘There’, due on 8th June. A project that has varied from sound to sound, for Uchino, this album is the culmination of years of hard work. ‘There’s been so many things I’ve experienced in the 4 years since I started touring abroad. I’ve been trying to remain everything I had within my music and keep it pure as possibly could’. With an exclusive London show at Thousand Island on the day of release, we can’t wait to hear Uchino and The fin. release what we can only expect to be a tour de force.