November 22, 2017  /  Neena

Location: UK / Warsaw, Poland

FFO: Wolf Alice

Label: Warner Music Poland

Eighteen year old singer-songwriter Neena creates a dystopian, carnivalesque world in her new track and video ‘The Game’. The screeching disharmony that opens the track creates an uneasy, restless vibe that is continued throughout the song, by the chugging bass guitar and scratchy drum track that oozes an indie-does-industrial-pop feel. Perhaps the most important aspect of this track, however, is the awesome voice of Neena herself, whose lyrics further convey this sense of unease at the modern world, especially in the melodic chorus that sounds almost like a mantra,”‘cos looking in the mirror / will only make things worse”.

‘The Game’ is Neena’s own subjective image of the modern age of social media, that serves to confront her youthful contempories “who find themselves in an extremely consumerist and polarized society,” and provocatively asks questions about their own understanding of the modern world.