October 27, 2017  /  Leaone

Location: London, UK

FFO: Barrie James O’Neill, Phil Coenen

Label: Fierce Panda

Taken from his second EP ‘Wild Horse Ride On’ (out now), singer-songwriter Leaone drops new track ‘Devil May Care’. Beginning with a soaring, but subtly discordant symphony of strings and synths, the song starts off in spine-tingling solemnity as Leaone’s voice sighs above the rest of the mix. A beat then grounds the track and the lyrics become more personal, with percussion to match; as a heartbeat lies hidden in the track. The end portion of the song is a whirlpool of fragmentary lyrics which circle round and round in a way which is both personal and poignant. ‘Devil May Care’┬áis a well constructed compromise between a verse-chorus structure and experimental themes, it is hard-hitting and the opposite of humdrum (despite the fact it ends with hums and drums).