March 20, 2018  /  The Collier

Location: London

FFO: Fleet Foxes, Band Of Horses, The National

Label: Unsigned

‘I’m Older’ is the poignant debut single from alt-rock four-piece The Collier. Showcasing their astutely personal sound, the quartet combine misty electronics, driving drum rhythms and wailing guitar notes in a uniquely textured production that builds and develops as the track progresses. Sounding almost like the love-child of Kings of Leon and early Stereophonics, singer Josh Hixson provides his unique, lofty vocal that adds a powerfully dynamic vibe to the tracks brooding melancholy, soaring through anthemic choruses and collected verses.

The accompanying video is an impressive one-take shot directed by David Morris that captures the essence of the track perfectly, following the band as they meander across the misty shoreline of Southend-on-Sea, oozing nostalgia and quiet contemplation.

“I don’t think of it as a song about ageing, I think of it as the cathartic end of my relationship with a person.” explains vocalist Josh Hixson. “It’s personal because I’m trying to say that I love this person and didn’t want them to leave, and once they did it, thinking about all the time I wasted and how I’m trying to get a reason for carrying on.”