June 14, 2019  /  SUPEREGO

Location: Freemantle, Australia

Label: Self-released

FFO: Death Grips, Flying Lotus, Sampa the Great

Australia isn’t typically known for its hip hop – but it should be. Thanks to acts like five-piece troupe SUPEREGO, the land Down Under is about to be put on the map for a reason wholly other than psychedelic indie.

Formerly known as POW Negro, the act has since transitioned into a collective of producers, rappers, singers and multi-instrumentalists hailing from the creative hub of Freemantle. Mixing bold, bassy sounds, skittish beats, smatterings of sax and a killer flow, latest singer ‘Caller ID’ touches upon feelings and self-criticism as dark as its vibe.

“‘Caller ID’ speaks to the inner turmoil we face when dealing with feelings of inadequacy,” shares the band of the single. “Helplessness and self loathing, the results of the dichotomy between the masks we wear, so as not to burden those around us, and our own internal grief.”

‘Caller ID’ is available now.