July 6, 2018  /  Jamie Johnson

Location: London

FFO: Tom Speight, The Head and the Heart

Label: Puerto Pollensa

A heartfelt story of unrequited love, London’s Jamie Johnson shares his beautifully bittersweet debut, ‘Precious.’

With pure songwriting at its core, ‘Precious’ focuses on the facultys of love, drawing on real, heartfelt emotion to create a track that showcases Jamie’s personal songwriting sensibilities:

“The song draws on the idea of being in a relationship with someone, where you feel you like them more than they like you,” explains Jamie. “I tried to capture how frustrating and disheartening it can be to be with someone who is constantly cancelling plans because they’ve had a better offer, or drifting in and out of contact with you when it suits them.”

Unsaturated, unadulterated acoustics are the driving force of the track, letting Jamie’s vocal take centre-stage between beautiful guitar melodies and an angelic backing choir of “ooo’s”. If you’re a hopeless romantic looking for some emotional catharsis, Jamie Johnson’s got your back.