May 11, 2018  /  Soft Streak

Location: Los Angeles, USA

FFO: Kavinsky, Frank Ocean, Grimes

Record Label: Unsigned

‘Ride’ sees Soft Streak create a carefree, lush electronic driving song that is the perfect soundtrack for a late night drive. ‘Ride’ shows off the musicianship of Tori Schachne and Colton Troy, two trained musicians who became fast friends at college, sending each other their favourite albums and bonding over a love for music. Schachne’s peaceful vocals are perfectly placed on an instrumental that is one prt synth and one part organic instrumentation, evoking the likes of Kavinsky and Frank Ocean at the same time.

This blend is to be expected; Troy developed a love for modern music after discovering Nujabes and J Dilla, two masters of hip-hop production. This hip-hop sensibility is sprinkled all over this latest single. With Schachne masterfully weaving a tale of action without caring of the consequence, ‘Ride’ is a song that could have easily fit on the soundtrack to a film like ‘Drive’.

Schachne herself described how the song came about from film: Ride is a song that I wrote inspired by a movie I couldn’t stop thinking about. It’s about desperately needing a change from your current situation and not caring about the risk involved in making the change.  Or maybe you’re even looking for something slightly dangerous because at least that would be interesting. Action without caring about the consequence’.