May 21, 2018  /  Slowcoaches

Location: London

FFO: Sauna Youth, Gender Roles, Feature

Label: Leisure + District

Whoever said punk is dead? Slowcoaches certainly have other ideas with their punk-fuelled energy so raw it’ll probably give you food poisoning.

‘Found Down’ is the latest release from the London trio, a track that scoffs at the idea of “growing up” and not making music in order to become a “domestic adult.” Clocking in at just over the two-and-a-half minute mark, it’s hard and heavy right off the bat, blasting full-throttle riffs and pounding percussion with a raucous intensity. At the fore is Heather Perkins, belting her vocal with the emotional ferocity of a caged lion; focused, powerful, and downright relentless.

“It’s about how “the ‘struggle’ of the artist is glamourised by mainstream labels via the media in order to sell records,” explains bassist and vocalist Heather Perkins. “And it’s about how mundane and frustrating the day-to-day reality of that struggle can actually be, whether that’s mental, financial or something else.”

“When I wrote ‘Found Down’,” Perkins continues, “a few of my friends had decided to stop playing in bands and stop doing anything creative because they felt pressured by their family/work/partners to ‘grow up’ and start being serious about making money and sorting their lives out.”