September 10, 2019  /  Skott

We’ve always been big fans of Sweden’s Skott, so it’s fair to say we were a bit excited by this new release. ‘Bloodhound’ has been released via her own label Dollar Menu in partnership with Cosmos Music, but not only that; she’s gone and co-directed and produced the video to go with it too!

Shot on location in Rättvik, which is situated along the Eastern shores of Lake Siljan in Sweden. The video is a massive aesthetic mood and we love it. ‘Bloodhound’s hook will surely worm its way into your mind, but it’s a great deal lighter than her previous dark release ‘Amelia’.

Skott has been away, writing and recording material for her forthcoming debut album, which is ultimately what’s led to the creation of her own label. Talking about the new journey she’s explained that It’s ok to show your teeth a little sometimes, and not worry too much about pleasing others or playing it safe, which I think many of us can find ourselves doing at times,” she continues. “I feel like starting my own label kind of runs in the same mindset. The song is playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I hope it resonates with some weirdos out there doing their own thing.”