April 16, 2018  /  Foster James

Location: Brooklyn, US

FFO:  Lana Del Rey, Lemolo

Label: Independent

Foster James (Brooklyn based singer-songwriter) shares ‘Skin’ her first single from the upcoming EP “Love More.” In the video shot in Brooklyn on an 8mm film, Foster James brings back the old homemade film vibes. Foster’s voice, as well as the video, is reminiscent of Lana del Ray early days. Emotive composition and modern production are soaked in nostalgia. ‘Skin’ is a nuanced track, enriched with smooth piano sounds, subtle organs, strings, and guitar.

If we can draw more conclusions from her single debut, it is that the fashion statement and DIY approach to making this video will be explored more on her EP. The artistic spirit of Foster James is not only influenced by her love for Sid also but by her childhood home that welcomed over 60 foster children. Awaiting her new release on the 18th of May we can only imagine what other stories will she tell.