May 9, 2018  /  Sita

Location: Nashville

FFO: Liyv, Caitlyn Scarlett, EZI

Label: Cyooty Records

‘Say So’ is the sizzling new release from Sita. The indie-pop songstress was born in New York, and moved to Nashville to begin writing her own music, having attained success in the advertising realm with her songs she had composed for advertising and television.

Revolving around the follies of social media vanity and it’s painfully addictive nature, Sita lays down her moody vocal atop a minimalist soundscape of ethereal electronics and a chill, catchy beat. Blending elements of sultry R&B, indie-pop and electro, It’s dark, sensual and more addictive than blowing off important chores to sit there endlessly scrolling on Twitter. Just me? Didn’t think so…