March 14, 2019  /  Shy shy shy

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

FFO: Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean

Label: Unsigned

Danish charmers Shy shy shy are back with a new EP called Gloss which is accompanied by a beautiful slow motion video for the brand new track ‘Neon’.

The new track Neon tells the story of meeting someone you have grown apart from in a snotty almost spoken word-ish narrative on top of a slow and draggy soundtrack with a heavy bass line and dusty synthesizers. The two filmmakers Dennis Morton and Mathias Strømfeldt have created a mesmerizing slow motion video that zooms in on that moment where two people grow apart.

The track is a sultry and perplexing mesh of sounds that gives way for an impossibly catchy chorus that really ties everything together. Their are a range of genres and sounds explored by the duo, but the highlights prove to be when their infectious indie-pop sensibilities shine through.