November 27, 2017  /  Shelley Segal

Location: Los Angeles / Australia

FFO: Adam Levy, Baba Brinkman

Label: True Music

Somebody Like You’ is a heavy track, and not just in sound; it details the trauma of being told by family that your relationship must end for the sake of religion. Electric guitars wail and pounding drums propel the song forward with a strength that Shelley Segal has harnessed herself, as the chorus soars to the heights of her vocal range. All in all, an emotional, powerful track, that is especially relevant to the same-sex marriage debate currently going on in Australia, where Segal herself hails from.

About the meaning and inspiration behind the track, Segal explains, “When I was 18 years old my family told me I needed to break up with my partner because he wasn’t Jewish – in line with our religious traditions. I chose to fight for the relationship with my then-partner, leaving home and moving in with him and his family. This was an extremely painful experience for me. I am no longer religious but I know that many people still experience this tension between their families, traditions and the person they love for various reasons, religion, race, gender, orientation. The truth is, you cannot help or control who you love. You cannot love someone or stop loving someone, just because that is expected of you.”