December 5, 2018  /  TIMI TEMPLE

Location: Sydney, Australia

FFO: The War On Drugs, Real Estage, Beach Fossils

Label: Unsigned

Delivering social commentary through metaphoric prose TIMI TEMPLE is here with ‘Pretty Boy’. Shedding light on gender representation in the music industry, TIMI writes of visually pleasing aesthetic major label artists and the shallowness of those looks used for commercial purposes, and how less appealing artists from both genders are often looked over.

Accopanying the meaningful lyricism is an undeniably upbeat pace, followed by a mellow guitar that envolopes the sorrowful story behind it all. TIMI talks more in depth what he pictured when composing this song: “I let my imagination run wild and created a world where this unhappy but perfectly aesthetic human, scars on their own face so that they can let their own art/music speak for them, and in turn, their metamorphasis occurs internally and emotionally and they’ve found transformative happiness, ignoring cosmetics all together.”