August 1, 2018  /  Johan Danno

Location: South Florida, US

FFO: Sam Ryder, John Mayer

Label: Unsigned

It’s not often you come across an artist who puts as much heart and soul into his music as Johan Danno, the South Florida-based singer-songwriter driven by a passion for helping others, building communities and sharing hope for those suffering through mental health.

A live musician for over twelve years, Danno has been honing his craft as a self-managed artist, citing his fans and friends as the driving force and reason behind his success; a humble notion that is certainly reflected in the positive vibes and high-energy of his soul-pop-meets-folk-rock.

‘Rescue Me’ is the artist’s fourth single, recorded back in 2016 in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia with producer Garrett Kito, and it’s a brilliant showcase for what Johan Danno is all about. Diving into dark, brooding emotions of addiction and love, Danno delivers a soul-drenched vocal atop foot-stomping beats and rolling guitar licks, blending captivating elements of funk and soul, but never shying-away from the primary force of Danno’s music – his astutely conscious lyricism and undeniably powerful delivery.

“‘Rescue Me’ started as two words in my heart as I went into the studio. Lost between what I was thinking and feeling, I wrote and recorded it in the studio as a way to save me from myself.”