November 3, 2017  /  Cameron Jones

Location: Hertfordshire, UK

FFO: Tom Joshua, Henri Bardot

Label: Unsigned

Bearing the imprint of the likes of Elliot Smith and Bon Iver, Cameron Jones‘ latest track is all downtempo guitar lines and slightly off kilter drum rhythms. It incorporates a more lingering threat than previous single ‘Let Me In’ and shows the versatility of this singer who has already gained support from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. On ‘Love You Save Me’, Jones says:

“Love You Save Me is about how we can often find ourselves living for too long in very destructive relationships because we feel the pain of leaving that person outweighs the hurt of staying with them. Essentially love and who we love is rarely a choice which makes it very hard for us to deal with when we see it dragging us down.”

It is a track that starts off in stark simplicity before building to a cathartic cacophony with pounding percussion and soaring strings, before  being stripped down once more to its most important and powerful part; Cameron Jones’ voice.