October 24, 2017  /  Satellite Citi

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: I Remember Burning

Label: Unsigned


Anna Gevorkian (vocals/drums) and Shaunt Sulahian (guitars/backing vocals) are the talented, dynamic duo who together form Satellite Citi. The latest hard-hitting, crushing single ‘Undead’ brings multiple music styles together to create a unique, recognisable sound. Shanut’s crunchy, rhythmic guitar riffs and solos provide a refreshing angle on guitar based songs, providing fans with something that was arguably lost in the 90’s – a guitar hero. The duo’s background in rock and metal is evident as they demonstrate their ability to “resurrect the rock genre with a fresh and modern delivery.”

‘Undead’ delivers something for young LGBTQ people to connect with. It follows an outcast LGBTQ youth after being kicked out of their home and constantly harassed by their peers. An extremely relevant and important concern in today’s society. Anna’s vocals exude pure passion; an accurate portrayal of how Satellite Citi feel.