May 21, 2018  /  Saro

Location: Los Angeles


Label: Mateo Sound

Rising LA dark-pop artist Saro has shared the breathtaking video for ‘Sky Doesn’t Blue,’ the first in a series of videos that will be arriving in the coming weeks. Taken from the Boy Afraid EP, it’s a poignant and personal project that sees the artist battle with his “inner demons” following the death of a close friend.

“The visual for ‘Sky Doesn’t Blue’ depicts the struggle with my mental state during the time following her death. The dancers represent my demons taking control and pulling me into the darkest part of my mind. By the end of the video, I go on the offensive to reclaim my power and sanity. Releasing the dark pent-up energy into my music was one of the most important parts of this process.”

Full of gorgeous choreography and impressive cinematics, the visuals focus primarily on Saro himself, as he becomes choked and surrounded by the physical manifestations of his anxieties and overpowering thoughts. It plays out like a lucid nightmare, and the poignancy and power that such thoughts can often hold over the mind is further exemplified by the suffocating darkness of the surroundings. As the track progresses, the singular spotlight turns a deeper blue, perhaps representing Saro’s reclaiming of his sanity as he eventually overcomes his demons.

It’s a beautifully personal and artistic piece that offers a cathartic portrayal of overcoming one’s own thoughts.