November 1, 2018  /  Sara Diamond

Location: Montreal, Canada

FFO: Call Me Loop, Sophie Simmons

Label: CYOR Sound

‘Know My Name’ is a piece of sultry, sexually charged R&B from Sara Diamond. Since becoming disillusioned with life as a child star, Diamond has since returned with more original material, written by herself, and based around her own perspectives.

The track is a shining example of that. The artist, now 22, sounds liberated and free from constraint on this offering. Complete with its mesmeric beats, slick production, and above all, Sara Diamond’s commanding voice, the track serves as vindication for Diamond’s career shift.

The single is from Sara’s debut EP Foreword. Of the new offering, Sara has said that “My brain had a lot of processing to do over the past year. When fantasy meets reality type vibes. These songs are a representation of that time – somewhat scattered in direction, very visceral and sexually driven… playing with ideas of love, loss, lust, and everything in between.”