December 1, 2017  /  Sam Gouthro

Location: San Diego, United States

FFO: Verhoog, No Suits

Label: Majestic Casual Records


With sumptuous bass licks and rolling rhythm, San Diego native Sam Gouthro releases a laid-back jam with ‘Down For This’. The multitalented singer-songwriter, producer and keyboardist throws elements of R&B, hip-hop and soul into the mix, which blend seamlessly and effortlessly into the smooth grooves Gouthro has to offer. Having only recently signed to Majestic Casual records, this new track offers a tantalising taste of what’s cooking in Gouthro’s soul kitchen.

‘Down For This’ is “based on the idea of rekindling a long lost relationship due to geographical distance. When the love of his life returns to home, Sam takes it upon himself to prove to her that their natural fire still burns.”