October 27, 2017  /  Sam Fender

Location: Newcastle, UK

FFO: The Old Pink House, Bad Sounds

Label: Unsigned

Following on from previous single ‘Millennial’, Newcastle singer-songwriter Sam Fender returns with equally politically charged ‘Start Again’. Lyrics attack the world as we know it and urge us to“forget the media, and its duplicity, fooling you and me”. But the political message sin’t forced upon us; rather, like the tune’s musical appeal, it gradually works it’s way into your head. Instead of shouting, Sam’s soulful style suggests what should be done, and the sparse and repetitive beat will get you moving your feet, and then moving the world. Sam Fender is performing a headline gig at the Riverside, Newcastle, which you would be a fool to miss – tickets go on sale on October 30th, 10am.