October 9, 2018  /  Echos

Location: Portland, US

FFO: Faux Tales, Evalyn

Label: Seeking Blue

‘Saints’ is the latest release from anti-pop protagonists Echos; a cinematic piece that would be as at home as the soundtrack to a visual epic as it would a sold-out opera hall stage.

Thundering drums and swirling strings mark an enchanting blend of post-rock instrumentation and rising electronica that sounds almost like the modern revival of naughties emo; It’s got all the angst, the power and left-of-field lyricism of Evanescence, but brought to the contemporary with a splash of PVRIS’ dynamism, never giving itself fully to heavy-rock sounds, but not straying too far into the realms of pop either.

Echos’ latest album Even Though You’re Gone is out 7th December, and ‘Saints’ serves as an anthemic taste of what’s to come.