January 11, 2019  /  SACRE

Location: Paris, France

FFO: Shy Luv, Patawawa

Label: Palmtree Hotel Records

If you’re looking for a musical breath of fresh air from the monotony of modern electro, Parisian duo SACRE are well on their way to becoming your new favourite band.

Matching their out of this world musical ethos with a big helping of phat house riddim, ’07:00PM VAHINE’ is the duo’s latest single, spanning genre and genesis in their typically fresh take on the electronic soundscape. It takes Nu-Disco to the next level, blending elements of deep house and alt-pop with a certain psych-tinged edge, and boy does it work.

’07:00PM VAHINE’ is also the first offering from their upcoming project Love Revolution, a project with the goal to reunite music, photography and storytelling. A respectable endgame, and with SACRE’s oddball stylee at the core, we’re sure it’s set to be an absolute blast.

“They believe yellow and blue are the beginning of everything, that 64 is a good number and that music is love. Hawaii and Sukil, the two parisian artists behind SACRE, are definitely living on their own planet.”