February 11, 2019  /  Meyru

Location: New York, United States

FFO: Turnover, Blaenavon

Label: Unsigned

‘Running Day Dreams’ is the debut single from Meyru. A song themed around, “a post 2am Saturday night, when you’re cabbing home alone texting the person you wish you were with in a haze from the night and all you want is to not think about them.”

When the only thing to help you not think about that one person is turning the radio up to block out the noise in your own head, this is the cinematic anthem you need.

Filled with cinematic layers, ‘Running Day Dreams’ manipulates each sound to it’s own, using the perfect mix of climax and lyrical vulnerability to detach the listener from their thoughts. Meyru have literally created and smashed the focus on day dreams. The perfect drift out for anyone needing a break or to hit the big ol’ refresh.