October 30, 2018  /  Rosemary Fairweather

Location: Toronto, Canada

FFO: Geowulf, Hazel English

Label: Universal Music Canada Inc.

Toronto’s Rosemary Fairweather returns to the airwaves with a fascinating blend of airy electro-pop meets downtempo dream. Her latest single ‘MTV’ has arrived ahead of her upcoming 2019 project Heavenly: A Second Collection of Songs, and it’s an enchanting taste of what’s still to come.

Tinges of groove-soaked disco pepper the soundscape as the opening bass notes swirl into view, but Fairweather’s layered vocal soon washes over the piece in her trademark swathe of airy dreampop bliss. It’s an undeniably fresh take on the dreampop aesthetic though; ‘MTV’ channels the classic dreampop moodiness, but doesn’t give in entirely to the oftentimes passivity of the genre, supplying the atmospherics through her whispered, breathy cadence and lush alt-pop production instead.

‘MTV’ was written very late at night, after I had been watching hours of footage from programs past like Post Modern,” explains Fairweather. “I was particularly excited to find one of my idols – Andy Partridge of XTC – hosting an episode, and felt there was a pop song sitting in that feeling.