March 14, 2019  /  Cosmo Calling

Location: Manchester, UK

FFO: Diving Station, Marsicans

Label: Northern Quarter Records

‘Rita’ is the lead single off an upcoming EP from Cosmo Calling. The song is an anthemic love-letter to Manchester, the city where the band met and played their first shows.

The track is a shining example of the bands indelible indie sound. Their dueling male/female vocals really set the outfit apart in a clustered scene of talented artists. Having recently switched up their sound when compared to their last EP, their new, more colourful approach acts as an amplifier to the things that make the young band so attractive. ‘Rita’ is a quality dose of indie pop/rock that is sure to resonate with anybody that enjoys this style of music. Don’t be surprised if Cosmo Calling as a name that you hear a lot more often in the near future.