May 17, 2018  /  Francobollo

Location: Lund, Sweden (now based in London)

FFO: Demob Happy, Parquet Courts, Ought

Record Label: Square Leg Records

Francobollo are very direct on their latest single. ‘We’re Dead’, but at least we have Swedish rockers Francobollo. More to the point than a lot of their previous music, this is bright, exciting rock music. Slick guitar lines punctuate every chorus with memorable hooks, while the rhythms chug on and on. But one glance at the lyrics, and it’s painfully obvious this is not a cheerful song. Frontman Simon Nilsson is here to lament the advent of social media and our obsession with staring at a small screen. ‘We do it when we’re bored, we can’t afford to take the time/Cause everybody knows that you’re supposed to be online (all the time)/Staring at the screen, it’s all we need when nothing’s on, Pretty little bubbles we create to sing our song‘ sings Nilsson, a great juxtaposition with the almost pop leaning rock instrumental behind him.

Having released their debut album last year, Francobollo are fast becoming masters of rock music. Known for their standout songwriting, where mellow will quickly meet explosive sound in the blink of an eye, the band have been slowly building up a cult following. So, what are their plans for 2018? Nilsson explains how 2018 will be a busy year for the band. ‘Our plan this year is to finish our second album, start on a third and keeping on releasing music. We’ve got more shows and festivals booked in across Europe and UK, including our next London headline at Omeara. All about the music baby’. Please Francobollo, we need more of that sweet music!