August 8, 2019  /  REMI

It’s not all psychedelic indie that gets brewed in Australia, you know; the continent is also home to some pretty exciting hip hop. Latest on the radar is REMI, a Melbourne based hip hop duo that create inventive tunes that imbue their contemporary vibe with a classic twist.

Latest single ‘5 A.M.’ is no different; mixing lucid and hazy synth with exotic beats, the pair mix harmonies with an abrupt staccato flow to create an atmosphere that is simultaneously restless and chilled. The story it tells is similarly hot and cold.

“When writing ‘5 A.M’. I really wanted it to be like a trippy short film. Starting in a place familiar to many people, a drug-infused relationship, but ending with a twist that was dramatic and abrupt,” share REMI of the track. “The changing musical landscape helped create different scenes and by the end, to me, it felt like Trainspotting if it was directed by Pedro Almodovar.

“This meant when it came time to produce the film clip, I needed someone who could bring the same energy. I’d loved Boz’s previous work as the cinematographer behind Sampa The Great’s visuals so I knew he could do it. We would produce our own wonder drug to escape what is clearly a disgusting way of living. However after ingesting the substance everything begins to go wrong, climaxing in the death of all characters. We used burning flowers and fruit specifically to represent the loss of love, growth, sanity, children etc. and imagery such as myself naked on the floor of a filthy bathroom to represent my mentality throughout the whole ordeal.”

‘5 A.M.’ is available now via House of Beige.