October 30, 2017  /  Warbly Jets

Location: Los Angeles, US

FFO: Welles, Catholic Action

Label: Rebel Union recordings

Taken from their self titled album (out now), LA’s Warbly Jets reveal ‘Raw Evolution’. Starting off with a ‘Start Me Up’ inspired riff, the band produce a punch packing, punk powerhouse which sounds like it was pursued by police. Lo-fi reverb laden vocals add to the effect and the chorus is one that requires you to shout it back to the singer. ‘Raw Evolution’ is rough-around-the-edges rock ‘n’ roll, or at least it seems that way, until a spaced out psych breakdown breaks the mould. Therefore, in less than three minutes, Warbly Jets are able to showcase some standard rock ‘n’ roll, suggest their inspiration but then shrug it off for a more experimental sound: they are certainly a band with strength and depth!