June 5, 2018  /  Personality Cult

Location: Los Angeles, USA

FFO: White Lies, Klaxons, Depeche Mode

Record Label: Unsigned

‘Sirens’ is a sparkling diamond in the rough, and Personality Cult has harvested it for the world’s viewing pleasure. As Personality Cult, LA based musician James Clifford has aimed to add a punk sensibility to new wave songwriting. ‘Sirens’ is a testament to this mission statement. Though this is glitz and glamour, there is a certain roughness around the edges, with synths that maintain a certain level of bite, left to their own, raw power, instead of being smoothed around the edges. Clifford’s sultry baritone helps ground instrumentation that is on the edge of falling into chaos; this is expert craftsmanship from an artist who is clearly at the top of his game.

This latest single-release is the final track of Clifford’s debut EP ‘Sirens’, a nine-minute, three track blitz through affecting new wave, that has already attracted praise from the likes of Line Of Best Fit and PopMatters. Experience this debut EP from the talented musician James Clifford as Personality Cult.