July 5, 2018  /  Tender Glue

Location: New York City

FFO: Sean Christopher, Kyle Morton

Label: Don’t Label Me Records

Tender Glue‘s the name, blissful lo-fi folk’s the game, and that’s exactly what the singer-songwriter brings on this tender cut, ‘Rudy.’

Based in New York City, the mastermind behind the project is Tom Gluewicki, who had been an active member of the independent artist community for many years, before setting up his own label, Don’t Label Me Records; a label that aims to bring an integrated and like-minded artist community together through real, heartfelt music.

‘Rudy’ is taken from Tender Glue’s forthcoming album Closet Leftovers, a collection of intimate pieces written and recorded in Tom’s small DIY studio. It’s a nostalgic track that channels the artist’s personal experiences:

“‘Rudy’ was written about 6 years ago and was inspired by a girl I met once,” explains Tom. “… although some of the lyrics were based on real scenarios, the whole idea of the song is more of an imagination. I took some of the details of this brief non-intimate meeting and created a story.”

Soft chords and fuzzy guitar notes twist and turn over minimalist percussion, creating the perfect soundscape for Tom’s heartfelt vocal delivery and down-to-earth lyricism.