May 11, 2018  /  Pip Blom

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

FFO: The Lovely Eggs, Goat Girl, The Orielles

Record Label: Nice Swan Records

Pip Blom snarls and growls over powerful guitars on her latest track ‘Pussycat’. This is pure garage-rock fun; Blom’s feisty natrue and witty delivery dominate this burst of guitar goodness, with bleeding guitars and pounding rhythms providing the backdrop for this raucous three minutes. Don’t try and escape this song; though only 21, Pip Blom clearly knows how to write the some of the best hooks in garage-rock, and is clearly having fun doing so.

Two guitars duel on this track, and it is fitting that the other guitar is from bandmate and brother Tender Blom, a sibling rivalry that plays out perfectly on ‘Pussycat’. Blom’s band also comprises of Gini Cameron and Casper van der Lans, a foursome that create some of the most explosive live sets that the UK and Europe have seen. But Pip Blom is not finished here. Having already garnered attention from the likes 6 Music and Radio 1, Pip Blom have recently been invited to tour with Franz Ferdinand, the band are ready to dominate 2018. Catch them on their UK and EU tour from May, and listen to the single ‘Pussycat’ below on Spotify.