September 11, 2019  /  BETSIE GØLD

So early into her recording career, BETSIE GØLD has made a hugely emphatic statement on her second single ‘Only One’.

While her first single ‘Craving You’ is a sultry love song, ‘Only One’ could not be a more stark contrast. The track is an uncompromising, bile-filled, statement to the one-time object of her affections. From its her powerful delivery to the emphatic musical soundscape that surrounds it, ‘Only One’ is both a mental and physical attack on your senses, in the best way.

The track is an empowering and devastating message to someone who has cheated on you. The lyrics resonate well and the music manages to be impossibly catchy and invigorating despite the callous tone that is portrayed. A few more well crafted and executed tracks like this and BETSIE GØLD could well be a name that we see a lot more of.