May 23, 2018  /  Polly Haynes

Location: Essex, UK

FFO: No Doubt, Robert Glasper, Paloma Faith

Record Label: Pink Shed

‘Pulling Me Backwards’ sees songwriter Polly Haynes continue her domination of modern Jazz in the UK. Polly Haynes is an artist made for performing. Having having led several bands (including funk band Newton’s Apple), Haynes has started her venture into solo material, bring her passionate, sassy vocal style to modern jazz instrumentation. This latest single continues to show how that choice was a very good idea.

‘Pulling Me Backwards’ is a big middle finger to partners who hold you back. Haynes’ vibrant, spectacular instrumentation shines through, as usual. Horns, rhythmic jazz guitar, silky smooth Rhodes pianos; this is modern Jazz as how it should be. With an added bite of venom towards the end of the track, Haynes’ vocals become more and more anguished, as the band build and build behind her, leading to a fanastic, almost cinematic crescendo. A blistering guitar solo fills the end of the track, moving to and fro as Haynes sings the main hook of the piece.

As might be obvious, this is music that must be heard live. With a debut EP coming this year, Haynes is due another tour, where her eclectic Jazz style will be available for all to hear.